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Regular Vehicle Scheduled Maintenance is vital for Auto Safety

Regular Car Maintenance is essential to keeping your vehicule at top performance. The time and effort you put into keeping pace with scheduled maintenance can ultimately  save you big money. Your vehicle manufacturer came up with a maintenance schedule and service intervals that are specific to your car, van SUV or truck, but check out our easy to follow regular maintenance checklists to keep up with your car’s needs.

There are procedures and checks that your car needs at different intervals. We have divided them by the calendar, offering you maintenance checklists to perform every three, six months, and annually. Keep up with these tasks and you’ll save yourself a bundle.

Every 3 moths

  1. Check Oil
  2. Check Power Steering Fluid
  3. Coolant level
  4. Check washer Fluids
  5. Check Brake Fluids

Every 6 months

Same as every 3 month plus.

  1. Tire check
  2. Brake Inspection
  3. Windshield Wiper
  4. Battery Cleaning

Once a year

All of the above plus.

  1. Radiator flush
  2. Spark plug wire check
  3. Fuel filter replacement
  4. Throttle Body service
  5. Brake Fluid Flush Service

Don’t forget to check our Car Preventive Maintenance page.

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