Preventive car maintenance

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Preventive Car Maintenance

Preventive Car maintenance is a needed expense to keep your vehicle in fine running condition. If you follow the scheduled maintenance recommendations in your vehicle’s manual, check fluid levels on a regular basis and change the fluids and filters as recommended, you can minimize the risks of car breaks down the road and prolong the life of the engine, transmission, cooling system and brakes.

So if you are driving a vehicle, you need to pay closer attention to your fluids and filters, the cost of doing so, outweighs the cost of replacing your vehicle and some of this cost may also improve you MPG thus easing the burden on your pocket.

At the top of all Maintenance task we had to select regular oil & filter change, depending on the type of vehicle and mileage you may need different types of motor oil. We should mention that there are several types of motor oil but the most common categories are:

Under each group there are several subgroups, stop by and let us find the right type of oil for your car, van, Truck or SUV.

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