Car Preventive or Scheduled Maintenance, What is the difference?

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There is a subtle difference between preventive maintenance and regular scheduled maintenance, both are equally important when it comes to car safety.  Delaying Preventive and/or Scheduled maintenance can ultimately cause more economic strain as well as unnecessary risk to the driver and passengers.

Almost everyone understands the need of scheduled maintenance, like an oil change, most people do it regularly, when it comes to preventive maintenance they don’t realize that those $250 today to replace a component like a worn front wheel bearing, could become hundreds of dollars tomorrow when the wheel falls off the axle and break more components of the front end system (hopefully not at high speed).

The average car in America is 9 years old you must rely on proper maintenance to keep your vehicle running at peak operating conditions.

The longer you take to check that squeaky noise when you push your brakes or the vibration that goes away when you accelerate, the more costly your bill will become for neglecting your vehicle, no; it won’t be the Car repair shop fault.  You know your car and you need to listen when it speaks to you.

Preventive maintenance consists of providing systematic inspections, detection and correction of worn parts to prevent a major and more costly failure of a system.

Scheduled maintenance is a service visit to ensure that all parts of a system are working correctly and with the recommended fluids and or parts for proper operation.

Find a Car Shop you can trust, with certified technicians. Do your scheduled maintenance and ask for a safety inspection. A reputable shop will be happy to provide it for either a nominal fee that could be discounted if you end up ordering services based on findings or for free.  And Oh by the way don’t forget, technicians love baked goods when you bring your car for repair.


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