It’s that time for the auto repair once again!

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You can no longer ignore your car noises; it is finally time to take it to the repair shop. If you are as afraid of auto shops as you are of the dentist, you are not alone. Here are some tips that can help you live through these trying times.

Who is afraid of taking the car for repair? Believe it or not many people, just like you share this feeling about taking their car for service and/or repair, even when they have going to the same auto shop for years. Many are afraid of the technician himself, maybe not the price of the repair, but the lack of communication between you and the guy fixing your car.

The kind of thing you could expect from going to the dealership. Most times you don’t even know the face of the technician. You can avoid this by taking your car to a private owned repair shop.

Look for a shop where you feel free to ask questions and a technician who is happy to explain not only the problem that you may be facing but also weight what options best suite your priorities.

Don’t feel obligated to do all the work at the same time. When the repair shop inspect a car they may find many parts and components that may need attention in different places on your vehicle, sometimes to repair something like a timming belt, you have to take out so many parts to get to it,  that, let’s say it takes 4 hours to do the job, it then makes sense to take the opportunity to replace the water pump, which is located right next to it,  instead of wait until it breaks (you know it will break) and pay for 4 additional hours at a later time to replace it, still, it doesn’t mean that you have to do ALL suggested work on your car at the same time. You should be explained all the findings and then prioritize according to your safety and budget.

Ask your friends for recommendations. You trust your friends; why not ask them for recommendations? Some of them may be savvier than you when it comes to car maintenance and repair, you can use social media like facebook questions and make a little poll about who they use and trust.

Is the technician certified?  Finding a competent, knowledgeable automotive professional can be a real challenge.  The ASE program test and certifies repair and service technicians.

Ask your car repair shop if their technicians are certified, it is important not only if they are certified but also on which areas. Then again, don’t forget that certifications don’t guarantee that the shop will be friendly and that the technician will explain everything to you.

Bottom line, if you don’t feel comfortable with your auto repair shop, move on, it is your money, your vehicle and your safety that is at stake. What do you think? Let us know your comments and maybe share your horror stories with us.

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