Can you get good tire prices at the warehouse store or the kingdom tire?

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Last Sunday I went with the family for some food shopping at the big warehouse store, I was received with this big billboard where they claim to have better prices than one other big kingdom tire dealer, I decided to take a picture an figure out what we could do in term of prices against 2 of the largest retailers of car tires.

Are you getting a good deal on tires at the big warehouse store?

Comes Tuesday and I decided to check this out, the brand is a Michelin Primacy MXV4, a very reputable and on the high price side of the spectrum tire, the size of the comparison is a 215/60/R16, which is the recommended size for a 2010 Toyota Camry LE.

The comparison and interesting results

The tire price comes to $168.99 for the warehouse and $173.99 for the kingdom tire retailer which turned out to be my first surprise, we can sell that particular tire for $142.48, so the price out the door with mounting/balancing, nitrogen, disposal/environmental fees and Road Hazard insurance is $198.06 for the warehouse $226.83 for the kingdom tire place, we can do it for $172.07 (without road hazard insurance, which we will talk about in the future).

Here is were it gets very interesting, the warehouse store claims the the will be a total savings of $193.20 in a set of 4 tires. For what I can read, the difference between those 2 is $28.77 per tire, if you multiply that by 4 you get $115.08 (???).

In our case, the tire savings for 4 tires compared to the warehouse is $107.68 and to the kingdom tire retailer is $219.04. For an extra $6 a tire we could get you a better rating tire because we don’t have to push you what we have on inventory.

The downside and conclusion

The downside because of course there is one, you may have to wait for us to get the tires from our distributor, most of the time the same day or we may even pick it up within an hour if needed.

Another thing you should consider is the experience of the technicians that are dealing with your vehicle, was the wear of your old tires normal? or is there something else that need to be checked and/or fixed to guarantee the life of your tires?.

So think again next time you are out shopping for tires and realize that there may be a better price beyond the warehouse and the national branded tire retailers.



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