Should I brake flush my car?

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People tend to think of something only when they need it, brakes maintenance including brake flushing shouldn’t be in that category.

When it comes to car brake repair, people only think about pads and sometimes rotors and take the brake fluid for granted and at most, they will check the level and top it off.

The brake system is comprised of different parts like the main brake fluid deposit, master cylinder, calipers, rubbers and wheel cylinder that with time deteriorate and contaminate the brake fluid.

The main brake fluid deposit cap is notorious for allowing moisture to contaminate   the brake fluid, this could lead to rust in the brake lines and then deteriorate other important components.

You change your car engine oil in a regular basis to eliminate contaminants and avoid damage risk, why will you skip in flushing your brakes and wait until they stop working.

A good rule, is to check your brake fluid when you do your oil change and look for signs of contamination, if your brake fluid is not transparent, is time to flush the system and check for the possible cause of contamination, a leaking line or caliper, a bad cap. If not, 25 thousand miles is a good interval to schedule a brake flush.

Please notice that a brake flush, is not the same as a brake bleed.  The brake bleed is done to make certain that there is no air in your brake lines, the brake bleed in the other hand connects a machine to your brake system and replaces ALL the brake fluid on your system with fresh brake fluid, is like an oil change for your brake system.

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