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This coming December 21th, the earth will enter in what is called a “Photonic Belt” at 1:00 AM in Uruguay, 12:00 AM Argentina-Chile, 10:00 PM Peru-Colombia, 10:30 PM Venezuela, 9:00 PM Mexico, 8:00 PM USA. All lights will come off completely in our Planet and the complete darkness episodes will last 3 days, it was confirmed by NASA on December 4th 2012. It is said that it will become total darkness and it will feel extremely cool and we will experience some light flashes. “Nothing really bad will happen; it is just an extraordinary phenomenon that occurs every 11 thousand years. We recommend staying at home since there will be no power service and all electronic devices will cease to function. The three days of darkness will pass, as this was what the Mayan calendar was referring to”, they said.

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Have a Happy and Safe Holidays from all of Us here at Linchpin Auto Services. and yes we will be open on the 21th.

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