5 reasons you need Nitrogen on your tires

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This is a very controversial topic, with very passionate and disparate argument in pro and con, but we think that if you are one of the 85% of people that don’t regularly check your air pressure, you will benefit from using nitrogen on your tires.

  • Tires filled with nitrogen get less pressure change with high temperatures. When you ride your car tires get heated and regular inflated tires tend to increase it pressure, that’s why in case you are not using nitrogen you need to check your tire pressure before you ride for long periods of time.
  • Humidity (water) is bad on your tires. Many shops forget to properly maintain their air compressors, specially purging their compressors nightly to drain the water accumulated in their tanks. This is more noticeable here in Florida with our humid weather. Water causes the pressure to change more rapidly and promotes corrosion on your rims.
  • Nitrogen help with MPG. Is not that Nitrogen increases the performance of you engine but instead since is more stable than compressed air, your tire pressure remains more stable under the most disparate conditions.
  • Tires run cooler. Some people say it increases your tires life up to 30%.
  • You get a smoother ride. Because nitrogen doe not expand while on the road as explained previously, you will experience a softer ride in long drives.

If you have older tires or don’t drive more than 35 miles a week, you may not notice any improvement by switching to nitrogen, I’ve been using it for the past 3 month and I can really feel the difference.

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