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Our Team


Paul Monahan

Our Head Technician Paul Monahan is a 30 years experienced Master ASE certified, he has worked with GM and Hundai dealers as well as running successful Auto Repair shops in Orlando Florida and back in Venezuela.

He brings all his experience back to Fort Lauderdale were he takes the time to explain in plain words whatever he finds out about your car after careful computer diagnostics.

A few words
about us

linch·pin noun \ˈlinch-ˌpin\

  1. A pin passed through the end of an axle to keep a wheel in position
  2. A person or thing vital to an enterprise or organization.

Our definition is a “timeless indispensable safety device that keeps a wheel in an axle”. That has become our company tag line:

“Your indispensable team for Auto Safety”

The relationship with our clients is very important to us, that’s why our motto is:

“Surprise every client with outstanding customer Service”

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Why is Maintenance Important

Your vehicle needs to be properly maintain to run at its peek performance

Regular maintenance is critical to ensure the safety, reliability, comfort, longevity and value of your vehicle.